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A while ago I participated on my very first game jam, the tenth Bacon Game Jam, and made this little game here. It is a puzzle-platformer with a twist: You don't have to reach the level goal, but shot a spear on it. However, to do that you need to navigate the levels to position yourself so the goal will be in open sight.

The theme of the jam was "One Weapon, Many Uses" and I decided to make a game revolving around using the spear to attack enemies, activate devices and confirm the end of the level. I also planned on using the spears for traversing the ambient but I got problems with coding the spear to act as a pass-through platform. The game is basically sliding squares in a blank screen with no sound since I don't know how to make sound effects and background music, so the game is mute.

I will keep a comment section here for any criticism you may want to give me. I may come back to this project if I get enough constructive feedback to be able to make a better version of it but, as it stands now, the gamejam version will continue to be the final one.

Thanks for checking this page and the game, if you did, and leave any criticism on the comment section below if you have an user in here on ITCH.IO.

Install instructions

Download the file and extract it to a new folder using your file compress program and execute the [BaconGameJam Project.exe] file.

There is an instruction file with the comands of the game in the downloadable package and it is recomended reading it first.


BGJ 10 - You Only Need The Spear.rar 2 MB

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